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A famous name of pest control bd service is termite control Dhaka one of the best in Bangladesh. Globally, termites are found between about 50 degrees north and south, with the greatest mass in the tropics and with the greatest diversity in tropical forests and Mediterranean scrapers. Pest control Dhaka, call now: 01717958596 and discover this service.

Termites harmful

Termites can seriously damage the structure of a house or building. Many years ago, it was believed that it was necessary to conduct a home inspection to determine if there were any problems with termites before buying a property. If there was no evidence of active termites, it was assumed that the house or building or structure was not affected by the damage to the termites. In some cases, serious damage to the house or building caused by termites was revealed, which were identified only after the property was purchased.

Identify problems and solutions

In addition to the inspection performed by the engineers, prior to the purchase, conduct an inspection to identify problems with termites, which should be carried out by a qualified termite’s specialist. A termite extermination specialist will also be able to recommend prevention options to control existing termite contamination. A qualified termite’s specialist may also recommend options to help prevent future termites from invading.

What are termites? Contact with Pest control bd service and get more experience-

Termite nutritional value

Termites mainly feed on dead vegetation, usually, in the form of a tree, fallen leaves, soil or manure, and about 10%, of about 4,000 species, are economically significant pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, damage to the agricultural industry or forest plantations.

Usually, termites are grouped on – underground, soil, herbivorous, and termites of dry or damp wood. Of these, “Subterranean” and wood termites are primarily responsible for damage to structures made by humans. The diet of the underground termite consists of everything that contains wood (houses, buildings, and living trees), crops and plants, as well as oak, ash, and cypress. Cereal plants – sugar cane.

Termites nest

Homeowners should be wary of stumps that have not been excavated. They are the first candidates for termites’ nests and if they are located close to the house, the termites usually end up destroying the lining and sometimes even wooden beams. Nests are usually built underground, in large pieces of wood, inside fallen trees or on top of trees. Some species build nests above the ground and they can grow into mounds.

Hidden Passages

Termites cover their routes with tubes made from feces, plant matter, saliva, and soil. Sometimes these tubes will spread over many meters, for example, on a tree from the soil to the very top of dry branches.

Wood Damage

Due to the fact that termites prefer wood, many types of termites can cause great damage to unprotected buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining hidden often leads to the fact that their presence will go unnoticed until the wood is seriously damaged and there are no visible changes on the surface.

Once the termites have entered the building, they do not limit themselves to the tree; they will also damage paper, cloth, carpets and other cellulose materials. Particles took from soft plastic, plaster, rubber, and sealants such as silicone rubber and acrylic, which are often used in construction.

Use wood that is naturally resistant to damage from termites, for example, a turpentine tree, teak, white cypress or Sequoia. When termites have already penetrated the building, the first step, as a rule, to destroy the colony, must be treated with insecticides before getting rid of all the nests.

Why choose company services termite control Dhaka?

Termites can cause endless damage – they can chew their way through almost everything! Very often, you may not even notice their presence in your home while irreversible damage will be done to your property and since they multiply quickly; quick actions are required to limit their habitat. Use Panic Pest Control and you will completely get rid of termites.

Flexible service system

We are flexible enough to fit your daily life, so no matter if you want to hire us during the week or on weekends, in the early morning and even until late in the evening, we will be on your doorstep and ready for action!

Fully consistent

Our services for the destruction of termites are fully consistent with the rules of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). Our experienced termites’ fighters in the city of Dhaka study every area of your home in order to eradicate all possible termites’ habitats.

We use the latest methods, depending on the degree of damage, to clean your house and prevent the occurrence of termites.

If we consider that your problem with termites is serious, our termite fighters will visit you again, to make sure that your problem is currently being fully addressed. Save when ordering several services at once – the extermination of mice or the destruction of bed bugs.

Termite extermination – Pest control in Dhaka city

Call 01717958596 for a free quote, without commitment, and make an appointment with one of our termites’ fighters. Our friendly team can offer you free consultations and are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Why not use our online booking form or speak to competent advisors?


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