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Termite infestation – Termites nest in the house? Learn about the domestic ‘pest control BD’ method- It is important to take a series of measures to prevent termite infestation in the home. Let’s find out in detail about these …


Why choose this service?

Termites cause various harms to humans. To survive this loss we must kill the termites. But why should we take termite eradication service from Pest Control BD? It is important to have some reasons here. The reason we will get this service from “Pest Control BD” Dhaka, Bangladesh is that we will be able to get this service at a lower price. Even then, if we say that their workforce is very efficient which is appreciated by the many others. So many of us know that it is the best termites control service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Level of termite control services

Do termites nest in your house? In addition to wooden furniture, books and even clothes can be destroyed by termites. Best Termite Control Dhaka are available in Pest control BD

Termites cannot be completely eradicated by any common pesticide. Therefore, it is important to take a series of measures to prevent termite infestation in the home. Jahan pest control BD is the best company in Dhaka city

Let’s find out in detail about these …

1) Keep several naphthalene balls in the bookshelf or cupboard. Also, place naphthalene balls inside the box bed. The strong smell of naphthalene will not allow the termites to come close to the edges of the furniture.

2) The smell of neem leaves cannot be tolerated by termites at all. So to drive away termites from the house, dry the neem leaves and grind them and spread them in the corners of wooden cupboards or other furniture on the bookshelf. Spread neem leaf powder once a week. You will get the result in hand.

3) Black cumin is an infallible tip to chase away any insects and spiders. Spread black cumin on the corners of bookshelves or other wooden furniture. The termite will not even come close to the edge of the furniture.

4) The termite cannot tolerate the smell of camphor at all. So make a mixture by mixing liquid paraffin with camphor powder. Once a week spread the mixture on the walls of the house in the corners of the furniture. The termite infestation will stop.


Even if you use all these methods regularly, if the expected results do not match, then report the pest control BD services.