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There are plenty of problems with pest control companies in Dhaka not really determining what to defend against when they “eradicate” into various units. They simply say, “we do insect control.” Or, “we’re doing rodent control.” The second is even less of a problem, as a piece of legislation describes exactly which rodents are health pests: migratory and domestic rats, domestic mice, and other mice settled indoors. However, “insect control” as a definition raises the following problems, among others:

  • The effectiveness of pest control BD can be checked if the objective was precise: what kind of pest, what control target or threshold we set: for example, it is not expected that there will be no people in the room after cockroach extermination, but it is maximally expected that there will be no cockroaches.
  • Appropriate methods must be used against a suitable arthropod pest: for example, if we do cockroach extermination by gelling, we have done nothing against bed bugs, since the bed bug is a blood-sucking insect with a stinging-sucking oral organ and it does not even make sense to consume the insecticide gel.
  • Most insects are not pests, and we would rather say that very few insects are considered pests in all cases. Consequently, without further clarification, it would be rather strange to say, “we do insect control.”
  • For example, there may be a warranty problem that there are “beetles” in the room and insect control has just been done. Of course, it can happen: if we do cockroach control with, say, the otherwise very efficient gelling technology, we will not have any effect on, for example, the fly-in grain fly. So is it good to clarify in advance what we are up against and how to defend ourselves?
  • The Customers are not sufficiently guaranteed by the prior art processes which simply called for insect control. Just think about it: an incorrect service provider might even say he did insect control, but unfortunately, it didn’t include cockroach control, he just killed ants. These annoying situations are definitely worth avoiding.
  • Our money spent on pest control should be spent transparently: this can only happen if we pay for a traceable service. Therefore, it needs to be clarified when, where, and exactly what we are defending against?


Why choose this service?

What do we mean by commercial pest control? Pest control in any commercial area. Dhaka city can be called an industrial city. Where there are lots of commercial companies who are bringing services from different companies for pest control. They also have to think about which service is the best in Dhaka city. Jahan Pest Control BD or Pest Control BD Dhaka, Bangladesh is a pest control provider who is already providing reputable services to many commercial companies. We should officially know why this pest control service provider company is good. So at least once we will see the service company.

If we accept our arguments that the purpose of protection must be precisely specified, let us see which pests are subject to the obligation to protect.