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How many indignant articles are written about quarantine pests the wireworm, the larva of the May Khrushchev, which, feeding on potato tubers, reduces the harvest? When cleaning potatoes, cutting out the wireworm moves, every time we commemorate it with an unkind word: after all, time is wasted and there is no beauty if you need to cook a tuber with the whole.

And we should be happy that our landings and fields are attacked by such friendly insects. And so it is possible to talk about many insect pests familiar to us because we simply have not seen anyone worse than them.

Potato facts

These bugs live in the homeland of potatoes, in the Andes. There are years when weevils destroy all potatoes, up to 100%. The Colorado potato beetle can be seen from afar, and weevils are very often stained with earth, and their color is unnoticeably dirty, which in the complex becomes an excellent disguise.

Full development cycle they have on potato plants of quarantine pests, but adult beetles can feed on oats, radish, sorrel and more. At the same time, weevils also hide in the soil during the daytime, the activity is all nighttime: they both feed and mate incognito so that the person does not see.

Eggs are not laid on the leaves of potatoes, but on plant residues that lie on the soil of the bushes. The hatched larvae penetrate the tubers, feed on their tissues. When eaten the right amount of food, pupate at a depth of 30 cm, without going to the surface. Local farmer’s larvae are called white potato worms.

Natural enemies

They have almost no natural enemies, except ants. The damage is large: even with systemic treatment with insecticides, beetles destroy almost half of the crop, and if there are no treatments, then there is no crop either.

These bugs do not know how to fly, they only crawl, because the fields that are free of them are enclosed with solid plastic plates, plates or just stretched plastic wrap. This is a fairly reliable way of protection because the pest crawls on the field from another site. Andean weevils can pose a phytosanitary hazard to our country.

Potato cyst nematode

This nematode in the northwestern states of the United States is considered to be the main economically significant pest. Tubers, which she spoiled, are not stored (rot), they cannot be sent for processing. This pest has already been found in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France. And not only on potatoes in the field but also in greenhouses, on other types of plants. Nematode, it turns out, is quite to taste carrots, beets, tomatoes, beans, peas, corn, barley…

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