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Best service provider companies BD are the best pest control service Dhaka available near me. Signs of the bark beetle usually appear as round holes in the tree, with powder (feces) around the holes, which indicates lesions. Whole sizes vary but usually range from 1 mm to 1.5 mm in diameter for the most common types of households. Adult beetles originating from wood can also be found in the summer months. If you want to take the service, call this number: 01717958596 and more details about this service.

Spruce bark beetle

Usually, adult beetles lay eggs on or below the surface of a wooden element. The larvae then feed on the wooden element, causing both structural and cosmetic damage, before pupating and hatching like beetles, which then multiply, laying eggs and repeating the process, causing further damage.

As beetles evolved by consuming dead wood in various forests, so most of the larvae, if not all, usually require a wooden element to have higher moisture content than is usually found in wooden products in a typical house.

Damage and damages

A building with a bark beetle problem in a structure or furniture probably / possibly also has problems with excess moisture. This can be caused by a lack of ventilation in the roof, basement, or another enclosed area, even if the entire building is dry.

While moisture is the leading factor leading to the appearance of the bark beetle, some species of this insect are found only in cases when the fungal infection has already begun.

Bark beetle treatment

Infection caused by bark beetle is usually exterminated by chemical insecticides. However, it is also advisable to investigate and solve possible problems with humidity, since a dry tree is usually not affected and a tree that remains wet can be re-infected after a while.

Pest Control Dhaka Bangladesh – Reasons for pest control

The bark beetle is usually located inside the furniture in your home and it is often difficult to notice their presence, in the shortest possible time they can cause you many problems, destroying the furniture without noticing you. Protect your home from these unwanted guests with Panic Pest Control and take advantage of the many benefits we offer you.

  • We have a flexible schedule and we can arrange a meeting at a convenient time for you, regardless of whether you prefer weekdays or weekends, morning or evening – even if you ask us to come as soon as possible!
  • Our bark beetle service fully complies with the rules of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).
  • We are exploring your home to see which species of bark beetle bothers you and how serious it is.
  • Using advanced technologies that are designed for the long-term elimination of pests, our bark beetle control team will check all places of bark beetle habitat.
  • Our bark beetle team will offer you advice on how to prevent future invasions, as well as the schedule you a follow-up visit to ensure that the problem with the bark beetle is completely eliminated.
  • Follow the lead of our previous customers and save when booking comprehensive services such as exterminating cinch and cockroaches.

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