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Termite Control Service in Bangladesh

Best termite control services are the apparently same size of ants. That’s why it also called white ants. There are many types termite around the world likely 2700 species but we can find mainly two types of termites. We can know them by their manners and lifestyles. (Termite Control Service Bangladesh)-

Signs of Termite Infestation?

Termites don’t make damages only by eating habits but also causes damage by tunneling and create nesting activates. Once Termite comes in inside, they can attack any part of your house. As quick as they find a food supply they leave an invisible liquid path to draw in for other termites to follow. They can enter in buildings through cracks, enlargement joints, hollow bricks or concrete block. Any building whether its build with stone, basement or very strong foundation can be attacked by Termites.

Level of termite control services

Pre- Construction Termite Control

Pre Construction Termite: When applied during the construction, it may protect the building from termite infestation at lest for 15 years. Before “brick soling” stage pesticide applied in the floor bed, this stage call “floor treatment”. After complete the full building construction work soil barrier: is also created around the building. Pre-construction termite- proofing is a necessity in a termite- prone tropical country like Bangladesh.
Post- Construction Termite Control
Post- Construction Termite Control: Termite infestation in existing building can be completely eradicated. Pesticide with long residual action is injected through the drill-holes made at the infested areas of the building. At the early stage of the infestation, door, window, wall cabinet, ceiling box, false ceiling, etc are infested. In the ground floor pesticide is injected along the wall-floor joint.

Prevention is the best solution for make action against Termites which we can provide you with full satisfaction.

Termites – the silent destroyer… if you are building a house, or your home is established, termites can cause huge damage. We offer pre-construction treatments, installation of chemical or physical termite barriers under the slab, reticulated termite barriers around the perimeter of your home/under paths, or drill and inject barriers to your existing home.

Our professionally trained pest control technicians offer efficient service in accordance with Bangladesh Standards and comply with the requirements.

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