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Finding an answer for rodent control services is crucial because mice and rats cause disease. Whenever you face any disturbance related to rodents, Jahan Pest control Services is here to help. We can give you the tools you need to identify the rodents and understand their behavior.

 Deer Mice

The deer mice rarely infest homes and it lives in village areas. The deer mice make their home in outdoors such as hollow tree logs. They come indoor on rare occasion. The little bit bigger than the House mouse. Their feet and underside are typically white, top of their body is reddish-brown and its short tail is covered with fine hairs.

House Mice 

House mice live in groups and able to make nests on their own. They share escape holes and common areas for eating and urinating. Their color mostly like a light brown, light gray and light black. As house small in size, they can make easily cracks. Every twenty-one days a new pregnancy can be produced with up to 6 babies each litter. The urine of house mice can be strong because they use it to communicate with other mice.

 Roof Rats

They create their nests usually roof on the building Roof rat can climb on the top of the building. They also live in garages, boxes, ceilings, under floors, and in the thick grass. They are extremely strong at senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste. But they are color blind. Roof rats like to eat vegetable and fruits. They also like to eat meat. Each year they able to give birth up to 6 times and have at least 6 young. Roof rat causes diseases such as Antivirus.

 Norway Rats

Norway rats eat different type of foods but mostly like cereal grains, meats, fish, nuts, and some fruits. When Norway rats infest buildings, they normally live in the basement or ground floor. They also live in lands, farms, woodpiles, and buildings. Usually, they build their nests by paper or cloth. Norway rats can make damages by chewing on materials, eating stored foods and urinating on food. Even they chew on wires, which can cause fires to start. They carry diseases as well.
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Prevention is the best solution rodent control services for make action against rodents which we Jahan Pest Control Services can provide you with full of your satisfactory.

The deer mouse very harmful is because they carry Antivirus. Their stools and urine are full of poison.

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