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Pest Control Services in Bangladesh

Pest control is a comment & various problems in hole of the world. It’s because of many dangerous diseases like Dengue, District, Cholera ETC. Pest coiled the dangerous insects and control men’s to solve the insects/pest problems or working process.
Now we try to letting you know about this dangerous thing:

Pest control called controlling the pest and removing it (pest) from effected places. We can easily control pests by two ways:-
1. Naturally (Biological pest control) &
2. Non biological / Non Toxic pest control.

Quality pest control in dhaka

Biological pest control (Natural way):

Controlling pest without using any chemical or poisonous called the natural / biological pest control. We use without poisonous product for control Insects as biologically / naturally. Have many biological ways to control Insects/pest with very effetely.

Some Biological Product:

Predation, Herbivory, Parasitism, Mosquito net and other natural products have to control it naturally.

Non Biological Pest Control in Bangladesh

Using by poisonous chemicals controlling insects/pest called non biological pest control. It’s harmful for animal or human body, but its work quickly to remove all pets/insects for forever. How many non-biological, chemical to remove insects/pest, but, interesting mater is now days we have lots of non-biological chemical without harmful for human body.

Some non-biological (Non toxic pest control) Products:

Bifenthrin, Fipronilm Abamectin, Cyfluthrin, Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Insect Growth Regulator, ETC are chemical for not-toxic pest control.

Why Pest Control? Pest’s are very dangerous thing for our human body, agriculture products and our environment. So we needed to control all insects/pest with hardly and also needed increasing peoples’ awareness for control pest.

What’s the benefit? Lead live without disease is the first benefit of control pest/insects. Pest is very annoying for every man, it’s damaging on consented, work and losing the working power.So, removing this problem is very much beneficial for us.

Pest Control Service BD

The Situation of Pest Control in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Now days Bangladesh is developed in the pest control sector. We have lots of powerful tactics, chemical and latest updated to controlling insects with granted. With imports chemical from ‍advanced country, we also use many Bangladeshi biological products and strategy for controlling pests. So, we can qualify our self as a latest Pest Control Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Services and Product’s

Jahan Pest control provides some quality pest control service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are working as a pest control company form 2007 and also we have a strong team to control pest as successfully. Some of our service’s:

  1. Termite Control
  2. Household Pest Control
  3. Commercial Pest Control
  4. Rodent Control 
  5. Fumigation Service – Etc.

If you/your face any pets/insects, related any king of problems in Dhaka, Bangladesh- Directly contact us to Jahan Pest Control / US. Hope, we have ability to remove all of your problems.

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