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Jahan fumigation service Bangladesh, a fumigation expert offers you effective fumigation service. Jahan Pest Control Services has been doing fumigation on a variety of buildings from homes to offices for last few years.

Removing pets – if the procedure is for a home, all pets will need to be removed will need to stay away until the all-clear is given.

Removing plants – if you have live plants inside your building they can be affected by fumigation treatments, so they will need to be removed too.

Sealing up food – food in cans is fine, but anything else you plan to leave will need to be double-sealed in plastic bags we will provide.

Moisten the ground – anywhere that the tent will touch soil will require it to be moistened before the tent is installed. This creates a seal that prevents the gas used from escaping. (Termite)-

Of course, you will also need to leave the home or business until the process is over. We enact all safety procedures possible to make sure the fumigation is done right and is effective.

Pests Requiring Fumigation
While there are many pests, Jahan Pest Control Services can get rid of through other methods, there are times when an infestation is too far gone and fumigation services are required.
Some of the pests that may require fumigation include:

#  Termites

#  Fleas

#  Ticks

#  Bed bugs

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